Inner Powers through Ashtanga Yoga, my tributes to Sage Patanjali

The International Yoga Day is around the corner. Yoga institutes, yoga teachers, government bodies, yoga practitioners and yoga aficionados are gearing up to celebrate it on June 21. We can rest assured that images of mass events, showing people in different yoga poses from across the world wood flood MSM as well as social media, perpetuating the notion, though, that yoga means Asana.

Chp 2-1The Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali, the first ever documented text on yoga in the history of mankind, offers yoga as a method to acquire self knowledge. As a tribute to the great Sage from the ancient India, I have written a small book on Ashtanga Yoga. The book is set to be released on this International Yoga Day by Sri Aurobindo Kapali Shatri Institute of Vedic Culture (SAKSHI), Bangalore.

Astanga Yoga Cover (1)

The book is an effort to convince people as to why we need to practise yoga in its entirety, going beyond Asana.

Susheela Hegde

Note: The above cited illustration (from the book) and the book cover are subject to copyright and all rights are reserved.


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